Galen Research is an independent research group specialising in research and measurement in healthcare. We have a particular interest in patient-centric outcomes, specifically quality of life.

Since the company was founded in 1988, it has become the leading expert in the development and evaluation of disease-specific outcome questionnaires. Galen Research has established a comprehensive database of over 30 questionnaires that assess the impact of a wide range of chronic health conditions. Although the office is based in Manchester, Galen Research works with healthcare services, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and researchers worldwide.

The first phase of the project is being led by Professor Stephen McKenna and his research team. This involves developing questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of the eHealth care model for Huntington’s Disease (HD).


Prof. Stephen McKenna, PhD
Project Manager | Project Coordinator

Ian McKenna, MSc
Project Manager

Jeanette Thorpe, MSc

Anna Coffey

Samantha-Jo Hollings
Research Assistant