On the German side, the HealthE-RND project will be carried out by the Huntington Center at the University Hospital in Ulm (Ulm).

Ulm will lead Module 3 (HD-Proof) and will be supported by Partners from Dublin and Prague. In HD-Proof (Module 3), an exploratory proof of concept (PoC) study will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the eHealth platform developed in HD-eHelp (Module 2) using the needs-based quality of life measures developed in HD-Needs (Module 1) as primary outcomes. Ulm will coordinate and monitor this intervention with input from all partners.

In addition, Ulm will support the leading partners of Module 1 (HD-Needs) and Module 2 (HD-eHelp), Galen Research and LUMC, respectively, in conducting their study.